As with most adventures, it started as a joke; over the breakfast table. On the patio at the local greasy spoon, which to my generation is a term of endearment but to the present universe of Millennials probably sounds rude, we came up with a game to prevent us from just having the same breakfast at the same place each Sunday.

What if we had a Breakfast Club? (Look it up kids…) And we would review, ha! What do we know about reviewing anything? What authority do we have? None! But we have these things called laptops that can access this maelstrom of nonsense, and even add to it! The internet has given us the authority, and every other idiot out there to spew their ridiculous theories and concerns all over the ether. So Andrew would write the reviews, we would argue about the ratings, and I would take the photos and build the website.

WinnipegBreakfast.com was taken, by Mr Rosenberg I later found out, and so we bought BreakfastWinnipeg.com and I started to assemble the thing on iWeb, a sadly defunct Apple product that was abandoned in 2012. Big mistake on my part! I should have done it from day one on WordPress!