Wanabees Diner – April 14, 2019

639 Broadway, Winnipeg


I think we have to rethink our rating system for breakfasts because I am inclined to give everyone 8 stars out of ten. In my younger days I was persnickety and a bit mean and would not mind punishing a restaurant with a 5 or a 6; this is an F, a dud, a bust.

But now I feel magnanimous and only want the good things in life. Why try to make distinctions between a cheap and cheerful diner, a top notch Hotel restaurant, and a hipster eatery and then rate them on the same ruler? It’s silly.20190413-IMG_0760

So, Wanabees is great. One might call it a greasy spoon, except that it’s clean, decorated with care (and whimsy), and offers Keto and Vegetarian options, but you have to ask nice since they are not on the menu. If Karen has it in the fridge, she will make it!  The jokes are everywhere if you look. The Irish 7 course meal is a 6 pack go Guinness and a Potato. Really! It’s on the menu!

The coffee is a little weak but the standard bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast are solid. And comes with funny shaped salt and pepper shakers too.

Karen, who bought the place in 1993, uses proper potatoes and not remade frozen ones for the hash browns. It’s good old fashioned cooking.

Fun facts!

639 Broadway was once a Salisbury House restaurant and the head office too!

James Culleton painted the Bacon and Eggs image that now covers up the Salisbury logo outside.

Wanabees Diner, Winnipeg

Michael’s two cents:

I had the eggs Benny “Langside Style”. Decent execution. Standard diner hollandaise sauce from a package I fear. I thought the hash browns were a tad undercooked in spots, could have benefited from more heat. Coffee was standard diner Joe. Service was top notch and fun. Good energy in the room. Meme like signs were funny in a kitsch way.

Karen holds court with the locals. At Wanabees Diner everyone is a regular, a friend, and family. She will often just start making your order before you open your mouth, because she knows what you like.