Greenish – March 14, 2019

Korean Breakfast side dishes

We regard the “Full English” breakfast as a North American standard now but not every culture eats a big heavy greasy meal like this in the morning.  In Japan and Korea breakfast usually consists of some variation on the previous night’s meal, served cold. Rice, kim-chi, fish, noodles and some type of soup. I mean, I’m not an expert on asian breakfast, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Why Breakfast gotta be so white? It wasn’t always like this in Canada and the US.

The Full English Breakfast. Not served at Greenish. This is just to show you what one looks like.

In the 1920’s a North American company that wanted to sell more pork products hired Edward Bernays to convince the public to grease up their breakfast plates with bacon and eggs and stop eating the lighter meal of juice, some porridge and maybe a roll. It has stuck ever since and there does not seem to be much willingness to go back to eating a lighter breakfast.

Greenish, Winnipeg

Here is James Culleton’s take on Greenish.

“ Finding the place was the first challenge, up and over the skywalk I went. I later found out you can access it from the Hydro building. Once I got there I really liked the wall mural that one of the employees created….rumoured to be soon painted over so if you want to see it you better get there quick.

The other view that was kind of amazing is through the window overlooking Portage where you can see the old Winnipeg Free Press Building and presumably the place where Houdini did his death defying trick.

Breakfast at Greenish, Winnipeg

Coffee was great, a steaming hot Americano in some really unique cups was served up. The breakfast menu had a couple of items, one of which was out of smoked salmon so I got the ‘eggs and toast’. For how basic it really was, it hit the spot, but it made me wonder why bother with breakfast when their regular menu is clearly the real reason to visit Greenish.

One taste of their spicy Kimchi (which Ron had ordered as a side) made me realize my misstep was ordering breakfast and not ordering the sushi, sashimi salad or Wonton soup. I should have had lunch for breakfast.” James Culleton – 6 out 10

20190329-bb5d16b0-6ad5-42ba-9274-ab53bf4d8e5fI, Leif, found it very tasty and satisfying. The breakfast sandwich on white toast, no options for 12 grain given, with some mayo, an egg, bacon and a tomato seemed to enlarge in my stomach, and I was not hungry later. The coffee hit the spot too, an Americano in a huge mug. Very friendly service and nice decor. I would give it 8 stars. Let the arguing begin!

It’s up there somewhere! Greenish, and the skywalk system as seen from street level.

Greenish is probably more known as a lunch place for the downtown Winnipeg skywalk workers as I saw how packed it was walking by one day around noon. I don’t think it is a destination for the sidewalk crowd as you would never know it was there from the street.

The view outside the window at Greenish is indeed very similar to the 1923 Foote photo from 1923 when 5000 people watched Houdini hang upside down in a straight jacket from the Free Press building in downtown Winnipeg. (The building is still there.) You can just see him at the very top of the photo on the left. Have some tasty Korean food and contemplate how things stay the same and how things keep changing.


From the April 3rd, 2012 post “Favourite Foote Photos: Brett Lougheed” by Esyllt W. Jones Lost Foote Photos:

“This photograph taken by L.B. Foote on February 21, 1923, to me, perfectly illustrates the Winnipeg we are striving to become once again. Suspended 30 feet above the Winnipeg Free Press building on Carlton Street, Harry Houdini, arguably the biggest name in entertainment at the time, wriggled his way out of a straitjacket in front of what was reported to be four or five thousand awestruck onlookers. This publicity stunt was intended to generate interest for his week-long show at the Orpheum Theatre. Houdini’s opening act at the show was a young comedian named Jack Benny. It was not uncommon for performers of this calibre to make regular appearances in Winnipeg during this time.” from