The Nook – Feb 21, 2019

43 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg.

8 STARS: A good solid local diner.

20190221-IMG_0155In the summer of 2007 a bunch of friends found they were always going to the Nook and wanted to get out of the breakfast rut they realized they were in; not that they didn’t love the Nook’s breakfast, but they wanted to experience more and different bacons and eggs.

And so we went out into Winnipeg and had breakfast at over one hundred and fifty different places, but then Andrew our head writer moved to Nelson in 2011 and I could not keep going by myself. But now, with some new friends, easier access to good cameras in our pockets, Instagram, knowledge of WordPress, scores of closed greasy spoons in the interim and a wave of new restaurants to discover the Breakfast Winnipeg project is back in action!20190221-IMG_0175

The Nook is our bedrock, the prime meridian, our standardized kilogram under glass that we can compare to, and this is why we are here. It has not changed much in ten years. The walls might have been painted and there is a range of local amateur (from Latin amator lover, from amare to love’, so I’m not slamming them) paintings on said newish walls. In fact the food, coffee, the decor, the cooks, and the charmingly scruffy clientele are all cast in amber just as a classic diner  should be. This style of restaurant is becoming rare even though it seems impossible they could ever disappear. Remember station wagons in the 1970’s and early 80’s? They were everywhere, a major market segment, a social staple! Everything seems permanent, until it goes away.

20190221-IMG_0178What about the food? Sorry, I’m rambling. The hash browns are simultaneously crispy and mushy. OK. Eat the bits you like; I’m not judging. The bacon and eggs all hit the spot. The service was great! The dude in the Iron Maiden shirt, chipped red nail polish, and tousled hair was on it. Constantly serving us coffee, and asking us if all was good. Also the food came lickety split which is expected of a hard working diner, but still surprising in today’s world of hipster cafes where it can take ten minutes for Avocado Toast. Nothing extra or fancy about it, but quite sturdy, which is why the place is always busy.

Leif Norman20190221-ead1bcde-4925-44d8-8a37-7130ed78b6c8 2

     Additional reviews by the club members:

MKS: Spinach Feta Omelette with coffee. ~$16

RR: Steak and Eggs and coffee. $19.50

RM: Breakfast Burrito and coffee. $11. Friendly prompt service. Six stars for the burrito; could have used some beans in there. Hash browns, seven stars. Clean good mix of people; comfortable atmosphere.