The Don

IMG_0607-filtered8 stars: March 21, 2009.

The Don (formerly Don Deli)

NW corner of Donald at Broadway

(same building as the Broadview Manor at 120 Donald, but around the corner)

Hours of operation:

Mon – Fri   6:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Sat – Sun   8 AM – 3 PM

Breakfast Special  $7.95

IMG_0615The Don is not dissimilar to its predecessor, the Don Deli. The DD’s owner retired and their son took over. He didn’t change anything in the eating areas, but there’s a sexy new black awning bearing the new name, and the menu is richer. For one, they have a nice selection of smoothies. I had a mango smoothie. This made me happy. There’s no in your face kitsch, but it’s there, subtly.

The Don always seems to be busy. Not Salisbury House busy, in that there’s lots of apathetic people who don’t like imagination behind their food, but genuinely busy with people who like good food. I love their patio in the summer, but it was still too cold on March 21.

Gloms Kuak: A seasoned cottage cheese patty grilled to perfection

Their menu has some items that people inform us are “classic.” Such as: Gloms Kuak and Crack & Hash (the funniest menu item I’ve seen at breakfast). Of course we’re bound by our dedication to The Special, so we could not fully sample these dishes for you lovely readers. You’ll have to go check it out for yourselves but Dan said the Gloms was tasty. (see picture)

Our breakfasts were solid. Not fantastic, but not bad at all. The bacon had a nice sheen but wasn’t too greasy. The sausages came from The Factory of Generic Sausages unfortunately, and the potatoes were Nook-like (soggy), but they were more flavourful than the Nook’s. Everybody in our breakfast party neglected to ask for extra onions in our potatoes (as offered on the menu). Our bad. The toast was standard rye and the coffee was pretty good. What made everything great was the homemade hot sauce they have. Extremely tasty, and not without a heat punch.DSCN2345

The Don (and Don Deli) has been one of the most highly-recommended restaurants to the Breakfast Connoisseurs since we started. It’s maintained their high status through the owner change, and I look forward to going back and trying the rest of the menu.

Omelette Review by Chantal Guénette

Turkey, bacon, tomato omelette.

Bouquet: What an interesting combo. Every now & then it’s nice to see something other than a ham & cheese omelette. Another interesting tidbit: The Don makes its own hot sauce. It was similar to Rooster sauce in flavour and packed a nice punch.

Crack and Hash: crunchy and salty

Boeuf: The turkey was deli-style and the hollandaise wasn’t that great. If it had been better, I wouldn’t have had to put hot sauce on top of it all.IMG_0611