2 Kellys

9 Stars:  January 24, 2009.

 2 Kelly’s Café.  3 – 81 Garry Street

(in the Fort Garry Place Mall, behind the Fort Garry Hotel)

Menu says:  Full Breakfast  –  $7 after tax  (both with coffee included)

_MG_6726-filtered2 Kelly’s is a charming little place tucked away on the ground floor of the now-defunct revolving restaurant. There is art on the walls and at the time, a Christmas tree in the corner. The restaurant is named after the owner, Kelly Oxelgren and her imaginary counterpart, Kelly. Much like how Mr. C. M. Burns of The Simpsons fame installed a canary (Canary M. Burns) as the CEO of his power plant, 2 Kelly’s has an auxiliary Kelly to blame things on. Smart thinking.

The first thing Kelly did when we arrived was to advise us that she doesn’t pay for tow trucks so we’d better have parked correctly. Thanks, Kelly. She was a lively server, full of banter and attention, and had our food to us in just a few minutes even though she was fairly busy._MG_6722-filtered

Right when I got my food I noticed that it was a good-looking breakfast. Nice presentation and not too greasy. The hashbrowns were my favourite kind of shredded potatoes and they were even cooked all the way through! This was a nice change from some other places that serve them greasy and starchy. They were accompanied by delicious Harvest Grain bread and faultless bacon. The eggs were as eggs are, but at least they had Northern Heat hot sauce to coat them. The coffee was decent, but Leif – our coffee aficionado – wished it was stronger.

_MG_6744-filtered(Kelly has since eMailed us and told us she has strengthened the coffee. This is amazing! We will have to go back and check it out. Leif. April 2009)

2 Kelly’s was known as Kronen’s for 20 years until the boss retired four years ago. Kelly worked for Kronen’s and decided to stick around because she “loves people” (she said so!). The menu says the food is “perfected,” meaning made to order, and the wall says “indulge” for no good reason.

This was a really solid breakfast. It wasn’t too fancy, but it was tasty and is recommended.

The coffee has definitely improved. We went back in Nov 2009 and checked it out. Kelly remembered us! And we did a podcast…_MG_6747a

Omelette Review by Chantal Guénette

Mushroom & cheese omelette (served rolled)

Bouquet: Real mushrooms and real cheese. Hooray for fresh ingredients! The mushrooms were even sautéed before they went into the omelette, making it that much tastier. The cherry on top was that they had hot sauce! Good hot sauce too, not just Tabasco. It’s called Northern Heat and it tastes a lot like Frank’s Red Hot. It’s a nice balance of spice and flavour.

Boeuf: Actually, I don’t have any boeuf with the omelette. It was great!