8 Stars: December 20, 2008.

Santorini Restaurant & Catering. 1839 Portage Ave

Hours of operation:

Mon – Wed      8 AM  8 PM

Thurs – Sat       8 AM  9 PM

Sun                     8 AM  2 PM

Bacon & Eggs – $4.50 until 11:30am weekdays,

1 PM weekends

DSCN1990Santorini is a small, easy-to-miss restaurant plonked in the middle of a strip along Portage Ave. near the Assiniboine Park. It is operated by a married couple from Greece, where the husband cooks and the wife serves.

The restaurant had a fairly plain décor. It was mostly white except for a few blue spots, like the awning over the kitchen. The office-style drop down ceilings and fluorescent lights made dining feel like a meeting. And of course, there was a smattering of those generic pictures of Greece we’ve come to know so well. I’ve posited before that it’s like people are issued those pictures of blue waters and tanning people as soon as they decide to open a Greek-style restaurant.

DSCN1984-filteredAside from the coffee, the breakfast was pretty good! The coffee failed The Campsie Test, in that we could see through it easily. Our food came in large quantities and was very tasty. It was a good looking plate, too. Fried potatoes with onions, nice crisp bacon with faultless eggs and toast. The sausages were butterflied links, which melted the gristle nicely but didn’t improve the overall quality. The small orange slice on the side cleansed our palates nicely.

But enough of this love-in. The menu offered ample improper ellipses, and was stolid about “NO SUBSTIUTIONS.” That, and the sparse Christmas decorations draped on the walls rubbed me the wrong way. I’m not a huge Christmas guy to begin with, but I’m an even smaller bad-spelling guy.Picture 26

Santorini offers a solid breakfast for under five bucks. The place is just on the verge of having charm, but its hard to get a more satisfyingly standard breakfast, as opposed to an unsatisfyingly standard breakfast like at The Pancake House.