Bleacher’s Cafe

image3097 Stars. AUGUST 24, 2007.  


Breakfast Special 

$4.95 including coffee  and free refills + tax

Bleachers is an interesting diner. During the day it is a fairly busy place for people who work in the area to go for lunch. By night it appears a little more grubby, but I’ll stick to talking about breakfast here.

image311-filteredOur poor waitress looked a little frantic as she informed us that they didn’t have any coffee mugs (Styrofoam replacements soon came) and even more so when she told us they didn’t have hash browns today. It certainly was an unfortunate day to come in to do a review, but we took it with the assumption that they USUALLY have coffee mugs and potatoes.

The six of us had to wait a decent amount of time to receive our food, lending more credence to the notion that their kitchen was in disarray. They still managed to serve up a decent batch of brekkies though.

image313All our eggs looked to be the same consistency, though hard/soft was specified and I received four pieces of crispy bacon (good length, neither shrunk nor elongated). 

A piece of tomato complimented them nicely. Rye toast was good, eggs were decent. What appeared to be hairs gratefully turned out to be egg strings (we checked thoroughly). Peanut butter was included with the jams. Always nice to see. All in all, the food is completely standard. We all had fries in lieu of hash browns, so we may have to revisit to get a sense of their potato handling.image298

I believe it can be said that the atmosphere was more delectable than the food. Some nice photographs are framed on the walls that are more arty than I expected. The front window has a nice stained-glass portion at the top, and the windowsill has plants and retro coffee jars that are a nice touch.

image307We spoke of archaeology in Tunisia, photography in Winnipeg (of course), children’s television in the 80’s and the benefits of making sure you have the right cat before drunkenly euthanizing it. The latter is a story that both terrified us and elicited unbridled laughter. It shall not be reprinted here. I discovered an old friend working (but not serving us) whom I hadn’t seen since she was working the last time I ate at Bleachers, which was years ago. That added to the place’s charm a bit.

Decent place to eat in downtown for breakfast and lunch, but there are better within walking distance.