Alexis Grill

8 Stars. AUGUST 3, 2007. 


Sadly closed but is now a cool burger joint

258 KENNEDY Street

Breakfast Special – $4.50, 

coffee & tax extra, w/free refills.

The Alexis Grill is unique in downtown Winnipeg as it has a palpable 60’s diner feel to it. It sports counter seating, an open kitchen and horrible orange-coloured curved seats (an inch too close to the table for my taste). It’s not trendy, it’s not modern, it’s not even highly trafficked. What it is, however, is delightful. It’s clean and the people who run it are very friendly.

Which is why it’s sad that I’ve never seen more than 3 people in there at a time. There’s always one person who knows the owners personally and sits with them when there’s nobody to serve. Well, ‘serve’ is a loose term; it’s actually cafeteria-style where you have to pick up your own food, napkins, cutlery and yes, even coffee. It’s sort of annoying to go back to the counter for the 3rd time because you (well, me) forgot the napkins. The bright side is, coffee comes with free refills. Further enforcing the cafeteria atmosphere, you have to pay when you order.

The food is good. I had the advantage of coming after the others had already eaten, so they were able to recommend with complete perspicacity that I ask for the hash browns to be well-done. My breakfast-mates said theirs were a little underdone, but not unpleasant. Consequently, mine came nicely browned. They were real potatoes, existing delightfully somewhere between shaved and sliced. My eggs came as ordered (Over easy, always. I like my yolk), the toast was fresh and the bacon was in four pieces. A record so far for these reviews. There was some debate over the availing character of flattened bacon vs. natural, scrunched up bacon. I actually liked the flattened bacon as it made it go a little further and more neatly than the wrinkly slices of hog I’m accustomed to.

The only downside was the cooking took a little longer than expected. We were one of two occupied tables in the place, and I was still looking over my shoulder wondering when my food would be done. The Alexis Grill is owned/operated by a pleasant old couple and while they may not be as limber as they used to be, food and atmosphere make up for it.

This is a great place to eat with friends. You won’t be drowned out by other customers (as it is unlikely there will be any others), it’s close to the University of Winnipeg and Portage Place and they serve up a mean Ruben if you’re not there for breakfast. Heartily recommended!